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Welcome to the A Home-Based Business Online ezine. Think the last thing you need is another ezine? Just read what existing satisfied subscribers have to say ...

Here's what existing subscribers have to say ...

Dear Elena,
I thoroughly enjoy, look forward to, and save each issue of AHBBO. Thanx so much for being there and taking the time out of your obviously frantic schedule to provide such thoughtful, well-written and USEFUL information...(not simply a rehash of the same, tired, recycled stuff I see so many places elsewhere!)
Again, thank you so very large for one of the four newsletters for which I would rather take take a beating than to have to do without!...
Sincere regards!
--jerry [link to follow once site is live!]


Hi Elena,
I was posting one of my articles at and saw your name and article. I must tell you that as soon as I see the name "Elena Fawkner", I read the article because everything I've read, is just superb. Not one ounce of crap, lol! You are a superb writer and I very much appreciate your work. Just wanted to let you know...
Joann Javons

Hi Elena - I just read your article in Rick's ezine *the mirror* and instantly felt compelled to tell you how much I *love* the common sense in it. ... I read the Business 2.0 and just shake my head every time...where are the *little people*...why do they never write about our *success* -- because their success is BIG! The internet puts the Ma & Pa operations Back in the playing field! (you know, the ones that X-Mart shut down by moving into the neighbourhood). Thanks for writing that article. When someone such as yourself speaks the *truth* - it resounds Loud and Clear. You hit the nail on the head 10 times.
All the best-Melanie Kozik


Hey Elena, I could really identify with your 'When You Hit The Wall' article that appeared in Media Peak. I thought I was the only one going through those 'traumatic' experiences! Much Success!  Collin Almeida,


I subscribe to lots of newsletters on your topic, and I finally found a favorite - yours!  I copy everything that might be useful to me from every newsletter I subscribe to, and I usually have to delete words, sentences, paragraphs, or whole sections, and then rearrange them so they make sense.  What you do is say what has to be said, in the way it should be said, and that's it.  I can't tell you how refreshing that is!  I want to start publishing a newsletter soon, and I want to write with your clarity and good sense.
I'm looking forward to next week's issue.


Wonderful newsletter!  Glad I found you.
Maria's Place for Holistic Evolution
You have arrived and You're in the driver's seat!
How's the quality of your life?
Make your day by being someone who makes your heart smile!


Hi Elena:
The more you write, the more I like you. If you were here right now, I'd kiss you on the cheek. Why not MLM, indeed? August 6th will mark 3 years full time in Usana for me. Affiliate programs are great, but the BIG, secure money is in MLM. You go, girl!
Frank Garon, Webmaster


Elena, Wow!!! Great article. I'm glad someone finally took the time to set the record straight on MLM. We need all the good PR we can get. VERY nicely done...
Archie Lawhorne

"You can't save the whales if you can't afford to fish"


Hi Elena,
Your article in today's Newsletter ... "Affiliate Programs ... A Not THAT Easy Start To Your Own Online Business" is truly excellent.
It is by far, the best advice I have seen to help newbies get started. Comprehensive, fact-driven and crystal clear.
I'm sure there are many newbies out there who will greatly benefit.
Joe Robson.

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attn: Elena Fawkner
Just finished part 2 of the article you wrote for the Add Me! news letter, regarding affiliate programs. Thanks for sharing your knowledge! The article was very interesting and informative.
George Snell

Our Web Site:


I wish you wouldn't make your ezine so content intensive.  It is my habit to scan all my mail and delete it to make room for the next day's offerings.
You carry so much useful information that I can't delete you, in case I need to go back and get some of that distilled knowledge.  I think I now have every issue you've printed and I'm on overload.
Let's have some fluff and some white space here!

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Hello Elena,
I read your article on MLM's in Internet Network Marketing Ezine, issue 11 August 25, 2013.
I was actually looking for a place to unsubscribe to that Ezine when I happened across your article. I enjoyed your explanation of what a MLM is and is not. Your straight forward discussion of what is required to participate in such a venture was refreshing and enlightening.
I am in a growing MLM opportunity and I can tell you I don't want uncommitted curiosity seekers taking up my time. It robs not only my energies but also cheats my downline from receiving attention when and where it's needed.
Finally, I would like to share your article with my downline. I feel it would be a great gut check and weed out those not truly committed.
Best Wishes,
Rich Cerrone

Phone # 870-836-7929
Central Time Zone USA
Firetalk # 350055405


I've been a subscriber for over a year and your site is THE FIRST of many that I click on each day.  It is also the first of the few that I print for later reference.  That is because of so much valuable material - so well written - any one can understand and use.  I'm looking forward to your new site!
Jody Gay


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